The Correct Order For the Events in Mitosis

  1. Nucleolus begins to disintegrate.

  2. Nucleolus disappears completely

  3. In animals, centrioles begin to separate and migrate towards opposite ends of the cell.

  4. Chromosomes become more distinct and appear as double-stranded structures called sister chromatids.

  5. Chromosomes become completely visible, and the nuclear membrane begins to break down.

  6. Nuclear membrane disappears completely

  7. Chromatids become attached to the spindle fibers at their centromeres.

  8. Chromosomes are moved towards the center of the spindle.

  9. Chromatids begin to separate from one another and are moved to opposite poles of the spindle.

  10. One set of single stranded chromosomes is at each end of the cell.

  11. In animals, the cell membrane begins to pinch together at the cell center. In plants, a cell plate begins to form across the cell center.

  12. The nucleolus reappears and spindle fibers disintegrate.

  13. In animals, the cell center pinches in completely. In plants, the cell plate forms completely across the cell center.

  14. A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes.

  15. Chromosomes lose their distinct forms to become chromatin.

  16. Two daughter cells are formed (during cytokinesis or cell division).