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Regents Biology

Chapters 7, 28 and 29

Taxonomy and Evolution

 Review Questions


Chapter 7 – Taxonomy


  1. Why was Linnaeus’ system of taxonomy selected over previous systems?


  1. What does the scientific name of an organism tell you about it?


  1. List the major taxons from broadest to most specific.


  1. What is the purpose of a classification system?


  1. What is a cladogram and what information do scientists use to produce a cladogram?


  1. How does a taxonomic key help to identify unknown organisms?


Chapter 28 - Evidence of Evolution


  1. Where do evolutionists derive the support for their theories?


  1. Why is sedimentary rock important to the study of evolution?


  1. Describe some changes in the Earth’s atmosphere from its beginning to the present.


Chpater 29 – Modern Evolution


  1. How are adaptations important in evolution?


  1. How do homologous, analogous and vestigial structures help us construct cladograms?


  1. How can geographic isolation result in speciation?


  1. Summarize Darwin’s theory of natural selection.


  1. How is industrial melanism a good example of natural selection?


  1. What are some other examples of natural selection?