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Unit IV Review Sheet
Human Anatomy and Physiology

This is not designed to replace  your class notes and/or chapter outlines!!
although it will certainly help

This is a good review site for this Unit: PATTS anatomy page

be familiar with at least one disease of the human body:
which organ system it involves
what causes it
which parts of the organ system it affects and how it affects them

Digestive system:
Anatomy of the system - know the organs
How food moves through the system - peristalsis
How are we like a donut?

Circulatory System:
Basic parts of closed circ sys - pump, vessels, transport medium (blood)
Anatomy (chambers and musculature) and flow of blood through the heart
definitions and characteristics of the blood vessels
            Veins, arteries, capillaries
the four components of blood - characteristics and functions

Respiratory system:
Anatomy of the system
 Lung capacity
            How is it measured?
            3 types of lung capacity  Check out the lung capacity lab here
respiratory surfaces
what gases are exchanged and how
difference between "breathing" and "respiration."
        how the two terms are connected

Excretory system:
Liver - why does blood from the small intestine flow through the liver before going anywhere else?
Skin sweat (dilute urine) and heat
Lungs CO2, H2O and heat
Urinary system
Kidneys and urinary bladder  urine contents (water, urea, salt, excess vitamins, nutrients, proteins, etc.)

Nervous system:
Central and peripheral nervous systems
the three parts of the brain and their basic functions
Stimulus and response
Nerve cells
Recognize diagram of motor neuron
        direction of impulse flow
nerve impulses
Reflex arcs

Endocrine system:
Compare and contrast nervous and endocrine regulation
Importance to maintaining homeostasis
Hormones in general