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Mr. Ulrich
Biology 10R

Unit V

Review Sheet

      NOTE - This is not meant to replace a vocab list. Study that too!

Here's a couple good genetics review links:

Answers to the review questions from class are HERE

Mendelian genetics      Need a review site?

Law of dominance
Alleles and law of segregation
Probability of offspring using Punnet squares
Possible gamete genotype
Hybrid vs. pure
Homo- vs heterozygous
Genotype vs phenotype
Incomplete dominance (red+white = pink)    
Codominance (roan coat)
Multiple alleles (blood type)

Here is a FANTASTIC site for reviewing classical genetics.
There are online flashcards as well. Check 'em out.

Modern genetics       Need a review site?      How about the mutation class notes?
Sex chromosomes vs. autosomes
Sex-linked traits follow using punnet squares
Pedigrees be able to trace geno- and phenotype
polygenic vs. monogenic traits
Mutations gene and chromosome
Amniocentesis and karyotyping
Genetic engineering (gene splicing)
Humulin production                             Get the Applied Genetics Classnotes
Selective breeding

Gene expression                Wanna see the transcription and translation overheads from class?
Structure of DNA
    Bases, double helix
        Trisomy 21

Protein synthesis know the process, ribosome
    Transcription = DNA base sequence -> mRNA base sequence
    Translation = mRNA base sequence -> Amino Acid sequence
Environmental effect on gene expression