Things to know for the quiz on the Excretory and Nervous Systems

Excretory System:

->Example organs, excretory products and the compounds excreted
e.g. Skin makes sweat that carries water, urea, salt and heat out of the body

->What's the deal with urea?

->What are the microscopic functional units of the kidney?

->For extra credit, I may ask about the two steps of urine production in the kidney

Nervous System:

->Show that you understand the terms stimulus, response, sensor and effector by identifying an example

->What's the deal with neurotransmitters? What do they do? Where are they made?

->What are the major parts of the brain? know their basic functions as well.

->What is a neuron and in what direction do impulses travel along them? Be able to recognize a diagram of a neuron.