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Regents Biology

Being in class AND taking good notes are the two of the most important ways to succeed in school. If you missed class or just want to see the PowerPoints and/or other class notes, I have put them here by date for your viewing pleasure.  But remember....

"Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby"

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If you click on a link and you get a screen full of nonsense/code (non-biological nonsense, that is), try using MS Internet Explorer or accessing the website via the Terminal Server. See Mrs. Valk if you don't know how to do this.  Firefox doesn't allow you to view some types of webpages.

Portions of our old text book, Biology: The Study of Life are now available in "digital reserve" form.
Click on the link above to get them. You will have to sign in to the school's webpage to view it.

June 5-8, 2015
Relationships and Biodiversity Lab
Still need to complete the amino acid sequence test?
Here's an mRNA translator table on

June 1-4, 2015
Building a Biomass Pyramid Sheet
Ecological Succesion Notes     (PowerPoint)

May 28-29, 2015
Ecological Interrelationships   (PowerPoint)

Ecological Interrelationships Notes Sheet
Interact! Lab

May 26-27, 2015
Intro to Ecology Notes Sheet  (Blank)
Intro to Ecology Notes completed

May 19-20, 2015
Applied Genetics   (PowerPoint)

Applied Genetics Notes Sheet

May 15-18, 2015
Protein Synthesis   (PowerPoint)

This one is shorter and has better animations

Protein Synthesis Notes Sheet
Protein Synthesis Diagram Sheet

May 8-14, 2015
Chromosomes and Linkage   (PowerPoint)

Chromosomes and Linkage Notes Sheet
Complex Inheritance Worksheet

May 5-6, 2015
Beyond Mendelian Genetics Notes   (PowerPoint)

Beyond Mendel Notes Sheet
Non-Mendelian Genetics Worksheet

May 1-4, 2015
Human Inheritance and Pedigree Analysis Lab
Pedigree symbols
A good genetics review site

April 29-30, 2015
Probability and Mendelian Genetics Lab

April 23-28, 2015
Intro to Genetics Notes  (.ppt)

Intro to Genetics Notes Sheet
Punnet Square Worksheet

April 17-19, 2015
We didn't get to these in class but,
I thought I'd post these "review Quizzes" for you to try out.
Just a few questions to help you focus your study.

Digestive System
Respiratory System
Excretory System
Circulatory System
Immune System
Nervous System
Endocrine System

There are 81 Anatomy and Physiology Review questions posted on castlelearning as well.

April 15-16, 2015
Endocrine System Notes   (.ppt)

Endocrine Glands Notes Sheet

April 13-14, 2015
Regulation and The Neuron Notes     (.ppt)

Regulation and the Neuron Notes Sheet

April 9-10, 2015
Immunology II Notes   (.ppt)

Immunology II Notes Sheet (Blank)
How Milkmaids Saved Western Civilization Activity

April 7-8, 2015
Until I get a copy of Ms. Primus' notes up here, use this page as a resource:
Red Cross' Blood Type Webpage
The wikipedia page is good (and reliable for this info) as well.
It has FAR more info than we covered.

Blood Typing Lab

March 27-April 6, 2015
Making Connections Lab

March 25-26, 2015
Lines of Defense Notes  (.ppt)

Lines Of Defense Notesheet

A good description of the immune response:

March 23-24, 2015
Blood: The Liquid Organ Notes    (.ppt)

Components of Blood Notes Sheet
Observing Blood Cells Lab

March 19-20, 2015
Notes from class: Blood vessels PowerPoint
Blank Notes Sheet
Blood Vessels Worksheet

More notes for review (If ya wanna)
Circulatory Plumbing Notes     (.ppt)

Introduction to Circulation Notes Sheet

March 16-17, 2015
Excretory System Notes   (.ppt)

Blank Notes Sheet
Blank Macromolecule Metabolism Sheets
Urinary System Diagram
From <>

March 12-13, 2015
Lung Capacity Lab
Gas Exchange Regents Review Questions
Review Material Posted at Review Page
(Make sure you check the review sheets for more review questions from each unit!)

March 10-11, 2015
Respiratory Organs diagram (Unlabelled)
Respiratory System Notes (PowerPoint)     (.ppt)

Respiratory Disease Organizer

March 6-9, 2015
Digestive System Anatomy Handout
Digestive Organ Organizer

Digestive System Notes    (.ppt)

March 4-5, 2015
Until I get Ms. Primus' notes up here, these will do.
Organ System Overview Handout
Organization In Living Things Notes    (.ppt)

February 24-27, 2015
Cellular Respiration Notes (from the board)

ATP Notes (from the board)
Cell Phones and Cell Cycles Worksheet

Jeopardy! Review
(This is a PowerPoint. Mac users can try opening it with google docs)
Cellular Respiration Movie
This is a .wmv file that seems to need a relatively new version of windows.
Tucker Stern editted out the material we didn't need.

February 20-23, 2015
Death of a Cheesy-Poof Lab
First couple slides of Energy Notes

February 18-19, 2015
Cell Phones and Cell Cycles Worksheet

Osmosis Notes on youtube

February 12-19, 2015
Transport Notes  (.ppt)

Cellular Transport Notes Sheet (w/ blanks)

February 5-17, 2015
Diffusion Across A Membrane Lab

January 15-February 4, 2015
Cell Membrane Video (
Cell/Plasma Membrane Structure and Function Notes  (.ppt)
Use the notes to fill out the sheets below
Cell/Plasma Membrane Notes Sheet (blank)
Fake Sweet reading and questions

January 13-14, 2015
We Are Not Plants Lab
Plant and Animal Cell diagram

January 8-9, 2015
Organelle Notes

Generalized Animal Cell Diagram
Organelle Notesheet (blank)
Organelle Notesheet (filled in)

January 6-7, 2014
Cell Theory Notes
Class' Cell Theory Worksheet

December 16-17, 2014
Enzyme Reaction Rate Notes

December 10-15, 2014
Enzyme Notes
Blank Enzyme Notes Sheet
Concept Maps Notes
University of Delaware Concept Map Page
Nutrition Project Overview
Nutrition Project Introduction/Discussion Sheet

December 5-8, 2014
Lipid and Protein Chemistry Notes    (.pptx)
Protein and Lipids Notes Sheet (Blank)
Chemistry of Lipids and Proteins Lab

December 3-4, 2014
Nutrition Project Overview
Nutrition Project Introduction/Discussion Sheet

December 1-2, 2014
Polymer Chemistry Notes Sheet

Chemistry of Carbohydrates Lab

November 24-25, 2014
Adventures in pH Lab

Of Bonds and Bases    (.ppt file)

November 20-21, 2014
So...Whaddyaknowbout Chemistry?
Intro to Chemistry Questions
Basic Chemistry Notes
Basic Chemistry Notes (completed)

November 14-17, 2014
Lamarck - Famous "Wrong" Guy    (.ppt file)

November 12-13, 2014
Making A Cladogram
Cladograms Handout
Pictures of Evolution    (.ppt file)

November 7-10, 2014
Modern Evolution Notes Sheet(.pdf) BLANK

Modern Evolution Notes    (.ppt file)

November 3-6, 2014
Beaks of Finches Lab

October 30 + November 3-4, 2014
Modern Evolution Notes Sheet(.pdf) BLANK

Modern Evolution Notes    (.ppt file)

October 24-29 + 31, 2014
Evidence of Evolution Notes (.pdf)

Evidence of Evolution Lab

October 22-23, 2014
Kingdoms Question Sheet
The Three Domains - Blank
The Three Domains - Completed
Odd Organism Challenge

October 20-21, 2014
Binomial Nomenclature Notes    (.ppt file)
Monster Key and Naming Sheet
Latin and Greek Roots and Combining forms

October 16-17, 2014
Dichotomous Keys Notes

Shark and Monster Keys Lab

October 14-15, 2014
Intro to Taxonomy notes    (.ppt file)

Classification By Morphology Lab
Classification By Morphology Shapes Sheet

October 6-7, 2014
Mr. U's Life Processes Web Notes     (.ppt)

Alive! sheet

Life Processes Practice
Life Processes Practice Key

September 30-October 3, 2014
Tools of the Biologist Notes     (.ppt)

Tools of the Biologist Notes Sheet

September 26-29, 2014
More On Microscope Notes   (.ppt)

Magazines and Thread Lab

September 19-24, 2014
Microscope Notes  .ppt

Blank Microscope Diagram
(Fill it out using the Microscope Notes)

September 17-18, 2014
Find Some Findings

September 15-16, 2014
Experimental Design and Variables Notes

Controls and Variable Notes Sheet

Experimental Design (Tiger-Repellant) Notes

Experimental Design Worksheet

September 11-12, 2014
Scientific Method Web Notes     (.ppt)

Lollipop Lab

September 9-10, 2014
What is Science? Notes
Observation Vs. Inference Notes
Observation/Inference/Qualitative/Quantitative HW Sheet

September 5-8, 2014
Safety Lab
Types of Lab Hazards

September 3-4, 2014
Course Outline
Exactly What Am I In For? Sheet