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Human anatomy is one of my favorite topics. It’s me, it’s you, it’s all of us in this room (well, mostly anyway). One of my goals as a biology teacher is to help you get to a point where you can talk to a doctor and have some idea what they are saying. With that in mind, this unit we will be working on a unit project.


Each student will be creating a “Student/Physician’s Desk Reference”. We will be collecting material throughout the unit on different diseases and conditions for each of the body systems that we cover. At the end of the unit, each of you will put this information together into one resource that can be used to “diagnose” people with different symptoms. Time allowing, we will actually get a chance to see if they work. No, I’m not going to bring in actual sick people. They’ll be acting.


How this will work: Each organ system will have a homework assignment where you will have to collect information on different diseases and conditions common to that system. For each disease you should research:


I will be checking these homeworks as well as collecting and grading the final project so, this is not something you can just wait ‘til the last minute to do.


Check out the rubric I will be using here


The first organ system we’ll be covering is the digestive system. Diseases/conditions you could look into are: