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AP Biology Summer Assignment


Summer assignments are NOT meant to be busy work. AP Biology covers far more material than can possibly be covered in the 3 quarters we have to do it in. As you will find, there is much work to do outside of class so we have to start before September.

Efficiency is crucial for us to be able to complete the course in the limited time we have. So, to get the most out of the summer assignments you will need:

      --> Internet connection
      --> A computer type of device that can connect to the internet
      --> TIME!

Yes. That last one is tough. If it's August 30th and this is the first time you are looking at this, you do not have time. Your best bet is to send me an email NOW ( about it as I will have little sympathy for you on the first day of school. Will you be able to skip the videos and just copy from a friend? Of course. But you will miss important information, not be prepared for the course and will be playing catch up the rest of the year.

Okay, here's the assignment. There are TWO parts:

Part One: An invaluable resource for you to use is run by Mr. Anderson. He is fantastic and we will be using some of his material throughout the year. I have embedded the videos of his I want you to watch below. Each video is followed by a link to a view/review sheet that you will need to download and complete.

Here are the steps to complete the sheets:
      --> Download the sheet onto your device
      --> Open the pdf in MSWord. If you think you don't have MSWord, think again. Use your Office 365 account provided to you through the school.
      --> Complete the sheet and save for turning in.
      --> Please hold all of your completed sheets and email them together at one time rather than individually. Remember to include your name in the subject line so I know who sent them to me.

Here are the videos and sheet links:

Models and Representations

Models and Representation Sheet

Appropriately Using Mathematics

Appropriately Using Mathematics Sheet

Scientific Questioning

Scientific Questioning Sheet

Data Collection Strategies

Data Collection Strategies Sheet

Analysis and Evasluatin of Data

Analysis and Evaluation of Data Sheet

Scientific Explanations and Theories

Scientific Explanations and Theories Sheet

Connecting Knowledge

Connecting Knowledge Sheet
The sheet is titled "Scales, Concepts and Representations" but it's for this video

Biological Molecules

Biological Molecules Sheet

Cellular Organelles

Cellular Organelles Sheet

Cellular Specialization

Cellular Specialization Sheet

Part TWO:
Watch a total of 3 hours of biology documentaries in any discipline over the summer. Send me an email with a brief (one paragraph per hour of viewing) discussion of your thoughts on each.

Here are a few titles to search for. Use your favorite viewing app: youtube, netflix, PBS, etc.

1.     Cracking Your Genetic Code 
2.     Secrets Beneath the Ice         
3.     Mt. St. Helens: Back from the Dead  
4.     What Darwin Never Knew (Counts as 2 videos)
5.     Darwin’s Darkest Hour  (Counts as 2 videos) 
6.     Extreme Ice                              
7.     Rat Attack                                   
8.     Life’s Greatest Miracle                
9.     Cracking the Code of Life   (Counts as 2 videos)
10.   American Eagle                                  
11.   Crash: A Tale of Two Species
12.   Survivors of the Firestorm              
13.   The Secret of Photo 51                                  

Any other NOVA or NATURE program that has biological implications can be substituted for any of these choices (